Thinking of my Writing Journey, Steampunk, and my Blog, So Far

First off, I have a link here to my very first guest blog post:
K.J. Bryen will be publishing her new book, Lokte in the fall of 2014.
My guest post talks mostly about my writing journey so far and offers some tips that I’ve found are critical to surviving the first months of the self-publishing journey.
However, there is so much more, more than what can be covered in a single post. The entire exercise was quite thought provoking for me. One thought surfaced above all others: I may just have to start another blog!
If I start another blog, it will be dedicated to The Inventor’s Son. Once I start some heavier promoting and get Book 2 out, I’m sure that some readers might want to delve a bit deeper.
I’ve also joined the Google+ community Steampunk Tendencies. Their actual website is
When I see how many people are members of this group, and how elaborate their costumes and artwork is, I’m at once encouraged and daunted. Encouraged because Steampunk really does seem to be taking off and becoming more mainstream. Daunted because, compared to many of these people, my Steampunk resume is pretty thin as of yet. It’s such a fun genre, I’m sorry I didn’t get into this sooner.

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Thanks for the mention 🙂 And that’s great that you’re thinking of starting another blog! I may too, especially when I start writing multi-genres. Glad you found a steampunk group as well. I regret to say I haven’t read much steampunk fiction, but I’m hoping I can delve more into it. It sounds like something I would really enjoy.

~K.J. Bryen,


I saw Steampunk around, and so have a lot of other people, but they don’t know what it is!
As for the second blog, I need to concentrate my energies if I’m going to do this. Lots going on! Have a great weekend!


Wouldn’t worry too much about your steam punk resume. I think it’d be great if people attacked genres from their own imagination and research while they are still filled with that first burst of enthusiasm, and perhaps before getting an ingrained idea of how things ought to be.
Good luck with it! 🙂


That’s exactly how I had to approach this book. As a result, I believe it’s a bit more approachable than some of the more hard core steampunk out there. Thank you!

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