The Next Steps with Changes to The Inventor’s Son Series

The Next Steps with Changes to The Inventor’s Son Series

Hi, everyone!

It’s October 1st now, and I have delisted The Inventor’s Son: The Beginning from all sales channels. Google Play books, again, will probably be the first one to have it removed, followed by Amazon. Then Kobo, Nook, and iBooks will probably have it delisted by the end of the day tomorrow. The version they all were selling was the original version, and I’ve since added some material and revised a few things. The revised version is exclusive to The Inventor’s Son Collection Books 1-3¬†or to subscribers to my mailing list. I’ll be updating the book tables and all the book pages to reflect this change. Any older versions of the eBooks might have links to the Amazon pages, and I’ll try to track these down and redirect them if possible to this page.

There’s more coming! As I come up with the changes, I’ll be posting about them here. Stay tuned…

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Detailing the Progress Made with Updates to The Inventor’s Son Series

Detailing the Progress Made with Updates to The Inventor’s Son Series

Hello, everyone! This morning, I took the first steps to changing the price of The Inventor’s Son back to $3.99. The price has already changed at Google Play because such changes are usually immediate there. I suspect it will be a few days before the change is completely done with Amazon because Nook takes a little time to change pricing as well. Amazon likes to price match as long as one of their competitors has a lower price on a book, and in my experience, Nook has always been the laggard.

I have decided to leave the price of the boxed set at $3.99 temporarily. This is probably because I will be releasing a new boxed set when I release The Traitor’s Son, and it will include The Inventor’s Son, The Scientist’s Son, and The Explorer’s Son, and that set will probably be priced at $7.99. The Inventor’s Son: The Beginning is still up for sale through the end of the week, but it will be unpublished by October 1. It will always be available for free to anyone that wants a copy if they join my email list, and who knows, it might appear on Instafreebie from time to time as well.

So, as for progress on The Traitor’s Son, it is in its final stages. I did get set back a little, but I’m sorted out now that the worst of the power outages, internet outages, and supply shortages from Hurricane Irma are behind us in my immediate area. I’m going to try and streamline the formatting process so that I can get the paperback and eBook copies for sale at the same time this time around, rather than having the paperback delayed for a long time, but if I find that my system is not working, I will release the eBook version early, then release the paperback when I have it finished.

You’ll see more from me soon!


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Speculative Fiction Blog Hop

The Inventor's Son

The Call of Agon, Book one of The Children of Telm Series

The Call of Agon, Book one of The Children of Telm Series

I have agreed to take part in what we’re calling the Speculative Fiction Blog Hop. The post prior to this one was on Dean F. Wilson’s Blog. Dean is a fellow Steampunk author, as well as the author of The Children of Telm, an epic fantasy series. Continue reading →

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Thinking of my Writing Journey, Steampunk, and my Blog, So Far

First off, I have a link here to my very first guest blog post:
K.J. Bryen will be publishing her new book, Lokte in the fall of 2014.
My guest post talks mostly about my writing journey so far and offers some tips that I’ve found are critical to surviving the first months of the self-publishing journey.
However, there is so much more, more than what can be covered in a single post. The entire exercise was quite thought provoking for me. One thought surfaced above all others: I may just have to start another blog!
If I start another blog, it will be dedicated to The Inventor’s Son. Once I start some heavier promoting and get Book 2 out, I’m sure that some readers might want to delve a bit deeper.
I’ve also joined the Google+ community Steampunk Tendencies. Their actual website is http://www.steampunktendencies.com/
When I see how many people are members of this group, and how elaborate their costumes and artwork is, I’m at once encouraged and daunted. Encouraged because Steampunk really does seem to be taking off and becoming more mainstream. Daunted because, compared to many of these people, my Steampunk resume is pretty thin as of yet. It’s such a fun genre, I’m sorry I didn’t get into this sooner.

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My Book, The Inventor’s Son, Has Gone Live!

If you like a book that’s got a Steampunk feel to it, has plenty of tension and some action, geared toward people who like YA, then check it out: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KFK3WKA

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Here is the Cover for My New Book!

The Inventor's Son Cover

The Inventor’s Son Cover

I was hoping to get a feeling of this being like an old fashioned book cover rather than the ones we see all the time with photoshopped images on them.
I’ve uploaded the book to Amazon. As of right this second it’s still “in review” but I previewed it (to death) last night and everything looked good there.
I hope that from the cover it’s fairly evident that it’s a Steampunk book… I’m experimenting as much as I am writing. I remember years ago when I was in art class, I was working on a project that everyone else was doing. I had started making my sketches different than the other students, and suddenly, I got nervous, so I changed it to make my sketches look like everyone else. When it came time for the teacher to look at what we were doing, he looked at mine and said, “Well, you were going to do something different, but I’m disappointed that you ended up doing what everyone else did.” I took those words to heart.
Sorry if my thoughts seem a little disjointed; I’ve been up all night after hitting that “Save and Publish” button. Gonna make myself some coffee and then start doing my make over of this page as well as my Twitter, Facebook (yeah, just made the page yesterday, sigh) and all that…
If you’ve got any opinions, please let me know what you think!

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My First Exposure to Self-Publishing

Embed from Getty Images

Welcome to my (late) first Saturday Evening Writing Post. I’m feeling only okay after getting my tooth done yesterday, so I’m going to keep this post a bit lighter than I originally meant to make it.
I can recall very clearly the first time I’d gotten a glimpse of a new age of publishing. At the time, I was working in a (shhhh) used book store, where people, mostly ladies, would come in every week with new Harlequin romances to trade for Silhouette romances, or vice versa. Of course, the best customers were considered the ones who traded Nora Roberts books in and got some of our more overstocked books. Romances were most definitely the biggest sellers there. In addition to every imaginable line of Harlequin and Silhouette (Desires, Super Romances, etc), we had a healthy selection of Historical Romances. One day, a kid had gone into the store with his mother and called out “Fabio” every time he saw the famous model on one of the multitude of book covers. Needless to say, he was calling the man’s name quite often.

Rogue by Fabio


There was a reason there were so many romances–they sold! And were traded in great quantities. My impression, in the mid-nineties was that as an aspiring female author, I needed to start with trying to write for Harlequin or Silhouette, and if I was considered successful, I’d get a contract with Avon or whoever printed historical romances. This had been how Sandra Brown, Jayne Ann Krentz/Jayne Castle/Amanda Quick, and a lot of others had gotten their starts, after all. As a bonus, if I got really famous, they’d reissue all those old Harlequins I’d written…
This was what I felt I had to look forward to as an aspiring author. I didn’t dare hope to write real science fiction or fantasy, even though it’s true that there were a couple of female fantasy authors even back then, but let’s be honest, I felt I’d be stigmatized. Surely fantasy, sword and sorcery, space ships, all that was the realm of nerdy guys who never grew up enough to read Tom Clancy and Lawrence Sanders and Jon Land, weren’t they? The closest I’d ever get to writing something like that would be “Futuristic Romance,” Time-Travel romances, or the very obscure Angel romance.
I am telling you about the perceptions I had at the time. Whether they are completely accurate or not is another issue. If you were an author that didn’t want to be pigeonholed, you were in trouble. If you wanted to get published, you needed to fit into the mold. And that mold would change, sometimes too suddenly for others to keep up. There was one published author who would come into our store on a regular basis. She wrote for Silhouette, but also wrote larger contemporary romances, usually with a comical bent. She complained one day in the late nineties that she was having trouble, since all the romance authors were making a shift to romantic suspense, and that no one was looking for the type of romance she used to write. Before I left that store in 2001, the shift was again taking place, this time to the paranormal romance featuring werewolves and vampires, which had been previously the realm of horror writers.
In between all this, we had a woman come in one late afternoon. She had a box with her, and a plastic display. She asked my co-worker at the front desk if we would consider selling her product. What was it? It was a book on a floppy disk!
She had even printed little labels that looked like beach chairs on the sand, stuck onto each diskette and placed into a plastic case, sort of like a CD case. I recall having my eyes opened at that moment, seeing that potential that was there for the writer who wanted to publish on her own terms, using the computer to do it. The only problem I could see with that scenario was that people would probably not be too keen on sitting in front of a computer to read all day.
Obviously, at that time I had no idea about the website FanFiction.net, still in its infancy at that time… At that time, I didn’t even know fan fiction was a thing. Great, now you know all about my lack of savvy…
My goodness, how far technology has taken us!
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That woman was a pioneer, the kind who tells everyone else that there’s a river that needs to be crossed. Portable devices that enable people to read electronically published books has become that bridge.
Have you ever tried sending your Word Document to your Kindle or Kindle app? If you haven’t done this before, you need to download a small file to your computer so that Amazon will be able to email your document to your Kindle. It’s cool to see your work in progress on your Kindle, isn’t it? I find it’s a godsend for editing! I catch so many more mistakes while reading a mobi file rather than reading a doc file! And here’s another trick I found. If you have more than one portable device on which Kindle is loaded, when sending your document to one of your Kindle devices, also send it to your Kindle cloud as a back up. Then, on your other device, download the file. Now, if you make notes on one device, you’ll have them synced to your other devices as well.
I hope you enjoyed this post. I’d love to know if there’s a way to send documents to your Nook app or Kobo like you can with Kindle. (Confession time, my favorite reader is Google books app, not Kindle!)
(By the way, just as a side note, I’m becoming addicted to embedding these getty images into my posts).

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