New Book Covers, Part Deux!

Last week I posted that I was doing new covers for my two existing books and I also posted pictures of two possible covers. I appreciate all the feedback I got on that post.

The Slightly Revised Beginning Cover

The Slightly Revised Beginning Cover

To review, this is now going to be the new cover for The Inventor’s Son: The Beginning which I did not have posted last week. I will be uploading the new covers to all the outlets when Book 2 is released.

This is the redesigned Inventor's Son cover.

This is the redesigned Inventor’s Son cover.

This is the new cover for Book 1, The Inventor’s Son. On this one, and all the other novel-length books in this series, the old cover texture is going to be more apparent.

Version 1.0 Skull Cover

Version 1.0 Skull Cover

Version 1.0.1 Skull Cover

Version 1.0.1 Skull Cover

Now for the decision. Based on feedback I’ve gotten, both here and on Google+, the landslide favorite was the cover with the skull. But, I’ve gotten opinions that I should integrate a gear on the skull. I’ve even had one person go so far as to make a mock-up with the hex design (see last week’s post) on the skull. I thought the initial suggestion of the gear on the skull was a bit more in keeping with the simplicity I’m trying to aim for with these covers. As always, I appreciate any and all input, and I also want to give a shout out to Steve Vernon who was the first one to come up with the “gear on the brain” idea!

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I like the gear in the skull. It works! Though, the cover looks good without it too 🙂


Thanks! I’m thinking of taking this decision to the kboards, because I am honestly still not sure about the gear on the skull. I think the issue may be that the space on the skull is like negative space… We shall see!

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