What Keeps Me From Sleeping at Night

There’s a variety of things I do that keep me from going to sleep when I really ought to. Just last night, it was already 12:35 and there was someone I had corresponded with on Twitter (because there’s ALWAYS someone to converse with on Twitter, no matter what time it is) that had sent a reply to a reply I sent her, etc. Before that, I did two very productive word sprints, which has an effect a lot like exercising right before bed.
Other nights, I watch tv, and I am not the type that falls asleep while watching television. And sometimes the show makes me so wound up, like the Game of Thrones finale last week, I can’t fall asleep after that.
Once in a great while, I’ll be out late, but I don’t have a huge social whirl, and all of us need to get up early the next day anyway.
It’s also hurricane season, and once I hear about tropical storms forming off the coast of Africa, I tend to watch for Accuweather updates and the like.
Often, I just have to do things at that hour that I couldn’t do all day.
But I don’t like it. I feel like I could do better if I wasn’t sleep deprived.
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Sophie Cussen

I know the feeling. You Tube does it to me. I go to bed and turn that on and I either watch something really inspirational which gives me loads of idea buzzing in my head or I see something I really enjoy and don’t want to stop watching it. Very annoying and I get annoyed with myself for being so swayed by media. So now I try not to bring anything with YT on it to bed with me.


YouTube is a really bad time-suck! I resist unless I need some sort of how-to video. 🙂

Writer’s Carnival

That’s a good point. It is hard to get away from it at times. Maybe it’d be an idea to shut down all electronics and settle in for a sleepy time tea or something. I enjoyed the article!


It’s been said that all these electronics are making it more and more difficult for people to get sleep. Thank you.

Sleeping can be so hard sometimes. I know one of the challenges I’ve had lately is thinking I’m tired, then laying in bed and having my mind instantly wake up. There’s just so much to think about nowadays! That’s why I’ve been trying to do things that make me sleepy right before I usually go to bed; lay in bed an watch something I’ve already seen a million times, drink hot tea, whatever I need to do.


I’m going to try not to use to much tech right before sleeping. I will try this for a week and see how I do.
I know about the mind race right after going to bed! I hate that! I usually get up if that happens to me. Which means I end up with about five hours or less of sleep. 🙁

I know! It’s awful! Things that help me sleep are hot tea, laying in bed and browsing the internet or something before I sleep, and having the room completely dark. I also have a body pillow, which helps with comfort.
Good luck!

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