The Last of the Instafreebie Promos (for now!)

If you like YA books, and you like them FREE, then you'll like this selection featured in this Instafreebie giveaway. But it's only through May 31, 2017!

Ending Very Soon!

Just a really quick heads up; this one is almost over! If you like YA books, and you like them FREE, then you’ll like this selection. But it’s only through May 31, 2017, so head on over there while they’re still available!

I’m making a few changes on the site, now that there are more people visiting, so I want it to be optimized. I want to caution that some of my links from external sources (like old social media posts) may be goofed up, but I’m working on getting that fixed and I will be posting new links in my social media to my most important posts. I believe the link problem only is going to affect blog posts, but I will make sure of that. I will also be trying out some redirects if I can’t weed out all the problems. This seems to be my month for technical difficulties, LOL!

I will be updating my progress bar for The Traitor’s Son’s progress. I’m also working on something that I should have had for quite a while: my ARC reader list. When I have all the details ironed out, I will be offering the option to people on my mailing list. What do you mean, you’re not on my mailing list? Remedy this unfortunate situation at once, and click the link for “A Free Book” in the menu!

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