It’s 2015, A New Beginning!

It’s 2015! Already I’ve had to make a couple of changes with my ebook pricing, thanks to new VAT laws that have take effect today. I’ve had to adjust my pricing for the two books that aren’t permafree, if the retailer hadn’t already done so. But I’ve tried to make an average price that covers most of the affected countries and is a little less than the completely adjusted price that Amazon was going to adjust the price to.

Some more changes I’m thinking about or implementing:

  1. I’m thinking of changing the book covers again, to more reflect the paranormal aspect of The Inventor’s Son, rather than the ones I have now which seem to cater more to the Steampunk and less to the paranormal. I’l be sketching some new designs in the coming weeks, and I may post some of them here for some feedback.
  2. I know I’m doing print versions of the books this year, delayed from 2014 thanks to, well, just life really. But I’m thinking I will do one of The Beginning as well as the others.
  3. I’m also thinking of revising The Beginning to make it a bit longer (more Book Bub friendly if it’s over 100 pages), and adding some material to Book 1 as well. If I do this, anyone who bought them through Amazon will get the notice of editorial changes made and should download the updated versions of them. I’ll be posting more about this if and when it happens.
  4. I’m looking into where to host my new website. I have a bit of website building background, but it’s been a while since I attempted it. I am reasonably certain I will make the website an “SB James Author” website/portal, and then make separate sections for The Inventor’s Son and future series.
  5. I’ve already got three parts of The Beginning on Wattpad. Any revised edition will be uploaded there as well. I know I don’t have too many views there so far, and a lot of that is due to the fact that I need to start promoting it on there through Wattpad’s forums and threads. I was looking into that a few days ago.
  6. I will be devoting a bit more time to drawing and sketching. I had done it years ago, and it is more than time for me to get back to it.
  7. I am also going to write more efficiently. Remember my post about Pulp Speed? I am committing myself to aiming for Pulp Speed 1. That would be 1M words in a year. This will have to include all writing projects including blog posts and website stuff. And a lot less Panda Pop (which is a complete time suck and should only be used if waiting in line somewhere, LOL).

I’ve got big plans, and though I may not manage it all, I’m aiming to get as much done as I can so that I can feel productive. There’s no reason for me to not keep trying to get more done as I can. I think revisiting this post quarterly this year will be illuminating, to see how much progress I make. Stay tuned!

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2 thoughts on “It’s 2015, A New Beginning!

  1. D.R.Sylvester

    Good luck with it all, sounds like you’re going to be busy. Interesting to hear about the changes to pricing on the ‘Zon… guessing there’ll be a lot less free books now?


    1. sbjamestheauthor

      Well, the VAT is something that affects anyone who sells digital products in the eurozone. It used to be that Amazon simply stuck on the 3% VAT since they handled digital business in Luxembourg, where the VAT was only 3%, but now the laws have changed and it’s now like state sales tax here in the US, where each country pays it’s own VAT. Amazon will adjust it one time for anything that had been published before the law was put into effect. To make a long story very short, it’s even more complicated now than I thought it would be, since the exchange rate also constantly changes, and on top of all that, the US dollar is strong, so Euro pricing is even more whack than it was before.
      As for free books, my permafree is totally free, everywhere in the world you can download books, from Google Play and Apple, as well as me serializing it on Wattpad. My permafree was only price matched in the UK on Amazon, not anywhere else in their EU stores, so far as I ever could tell.
      I hope you have a successful and great 2015!


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