Introducing…The Interrobang‽
(A little late in the day for this, but I was busy looking over old writing from four years ago and shaking my head at how much it has changed since I write more professionally now…)
And there were are… The trailing off of the sentence or statement… but the punctuation that Dan Brown in particular cannot seem to live without is the interrobang ‽
Did you see that? Or, should I yell/ask, did you see that‽
The interrobang was invented in 1962 according to Wikipedia, and never really caught on much. I had only heard about it a few years ago from one of my co-workers who eventually moved away and is now a sometimes poster on Facebook. To make the interrobang in HTML, like you can right here at WordPress, you need to press a combination of the ampersand, the pound sign (hashtag) the numbers 8253, and the semi-colon. Or, do what I did and copy it from the Wikipedia site and paste it right into the editor‽
For what it’s worth, I never use the combination of the exclamation point and the question mark at the end of a sentence. I consider it bad form, but it is acceptable punctuation, oddly enough.
This post is a bit of a joke, but I hope I informed and entertained all the same. Got a lot going on next week, starting with Camp NaNoWriMo resuming on July 1, so I’m getting my blogging in for the week. How will I get it all done‽

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