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A Great Opportunity for FREE Books with Instafreebie!

A Great Opportunity for FREE Books with Instafreebie!



Book lovers might know about Instafreebie, where authors can post book previews or full length books for free. Readers just need to give their email address, and the books will be delivered right to them.

This is the first Instafreebie Promotion that I’m participating in, and it’s a great opportunity to pick up The Inventor’s Son, along with some other beautiful books. The giveaway runs from April 14th through May 14th. Enjoy!

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The “Meet My Character” Blog Hop

newiscover2014Yes, indeed, I’m doing another blog hop post! But this time, the theme (Meet My Character) is going to be carried into my regular blog, and I’m initiating a new category on the blog for the characters of The Inventor’s Son. Each character featured will be either the Main Character, Major Characters, or rather important Minor Characters.

The cover of Cora Buhlert's book, Mercy Mission

The cover of Cora Buhlert’s book, Mercy Mission

I was tagged for this hop by Cora Buhlert, author of a number of SF series, including Mercy Mission, Book 1 of the Shattered Empire series, in which her featured character from her blog hop post is the main character.
Here is the rest of Cora’s bio:
Cora Buhlert was born and bred in North Germany, where she still lives today — after time spent in London, Singapore, Rotterdam and Mississippi. Cora holds an MA degree in English from the University of Bremen and is currently working towards her PhD. Cora has been writing, since she was a teenager, and has published stories, articles and poetry in various international magazines. When she is not writing, she works as a translator and teacher. Visit her on the web at or follow her on Twitter under @CoraBuhlert. Continue reading →

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