My Books Will Soon Be Live On Google Play!

Hey, everybody! Just thought I’d give you all a quick update as to what’s doing with me and my books lately!
The number one thing is that The Inventor’s Son has now been released for six months! I’ve decided that I will keep the sale going on this book until the end of the month.
It just so happens that I’m half way through the 50k words of my NaNoWriMo project, but I’m actually behind, considering today isn’t the 15th. I will start to catch up once I’ve got all my books uploaded where I want them to go.
Which is the next big thing for this series; I’m uploading them to Google Play! The Beginning is already up there, and as it is everywhere except some places on Amazon, it’s a free download!   Having an international audience for my books is really exciting for me, and I hope I don’t run into any snags. I’ve seen the free book on there already, and everything looks OK from there. Once I get all the links, I will update the page where I have my series listed.
Also working on my next post for my character pages, for Marcus and Malcolm Stanwood (since they are probably the next most important characters affecting the story). Coming soon! That’s all I can say.
Also I’ve decided I’m going to see this final Hobbit movie in IMAX. That was very important! You needed to know that!

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Here is the Cover for My New Book!

The Inventor's Son Cover

The Inventor’s Son Cover

I was hoping to get a feeling of this being like an old fashioned book cover rather than the ones we see all the time with photoshopped images on them.
I’ve uploaded the book to Amazon. As of right this second it’s still “in review” but I previewed it (to death) last night and everything looked good there.
I hope that from the cover it’s fairly evident that it’s a Steampunk book… I’m experimenting as much as I am writing. I remember years ago when I was in art class, I was working on a project that everyone else was doing. I had started making my sketches different than the other students, and suddenly, I got nervous, so I changed it to make my sketches look like everyone else. When it came time for the teacher to look at what we were doing, he looked at mine and said, “Well, you were going to do something different, but I’m disappointed that you ended up doing what everyone else did.” I took those words to heart.
Sorry if my thoughts seem a little disjointed; I’ve been up all night after hitting that “Save and Publish” button. Gonna make myself some coffee and then start doing my make over of this page as well as my Twitter, Facebook (yeah, just made the page yesterday, sigh) and all that…
If you’ve got any opinions, please let me know what you think!

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