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Some More Maintenance and Updating in the Works

Some More Maintenance and Updating in the Works

Hey, I know it’s been quite a while since I last posted here. I am making my way back from a long downtime and starting to gear back up once again. I have some diverse plans for 2019.

  1. My Google+ is going away (along with everyone else’s, apparently). Google has decided to discontinue the social network for consumers, which means as of April, I’ll no longer be on Google+. I’m sure this change affects probably nobody ;). I’m glad because it’s one less social network to try and keep up with. For a while, it was good SEO, but that’s about it.
  2. I’m ditching Tumblr as soon as I am able. I have a blog here and a blog on That’s enough for blogging for my purposes as an author, certainly. They’ve made a few decisions that I don’t agree with while allowing other content to continue on, which all gave me the push needed to leave there for good. I know I have some followers on Tumblr but there are other places to follow me.
  3. I’m changing web hosting so this site may be a bit wonky for a few days while I make the migration. I’m going with a service that will allow multiple websites and I’m hoping that this website, ultimately, will run a lot faster after the change. I will strive to keep all the links for my books live, obviously.
  4. Most importantly, I’ve begun the outlining for The Rebel’s Son. I’ll post more about that soon.

I have been poking around Goodreads, Facebook, and Instagram, but not Twitter. I think Twitter may be the next social site I ditch. What other social media sites make the grade these days?

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