The Traitor’s Son

For Ethan, it doesn't get any worse than this...

The Traitor’s Son takes Ethan’s desperate quest to find his father to a whole new level of urgency. Just as he starts losing all hope, he gets a new sign that his father is closer than he ever thought possible. Along the way, Ethan encounters some new enemies and finds allies among those he never believe would help him before.

All the while, he knows he must keep a deadly secret: his father may have turned traitor to the Crown. And this knowledge might drive Ethan to the brink of madness…

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About the Book

Ethan Stanwood’s life will never be the same now that he knows the truth…

In The Traitor’s Son, Book 4 of The Inventor’s Son Series, Ethan’s quest to find his father has only become more desperate as he realizes that the more time passes, and the more others discover the truth of what Marcus Stanwood has done, the more likely he will be denounced as a traitor to the Crown. Ethan is determined to keep that from happening, but to do it, he himself may have to betray the very things he values the most. Ethan realizes that he will need to ally himself with someone whose ambitions, from the very beginning, have brought out the worst in Marcus Stanwood and have turned Ethan’s life into a chaotic nightmare.

At the very same time, Ethan is wrestling with his own growing powers. His witch master is reluctant to control it, but when Ethan experiences a frightening episode, Hardwick is forced to reconsider. The method he uses to restrict Ethan’s power appears to be a blessing, but could easily turn into an insidious curse.

Series: The Inventor's Son, Book 4
Genre: Steampunk
ASIN: B0787157W1
ISBN: 9781386310372
eBook Price: $0.99
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