The Inventor’s Son
$13.99eBook: $3.99
Series: The Inventor's Son, Book 1
Genre: Steampunk
Publication Year: 2014
Length: Novel
ISBN: 2940046323429

The Inventor’s Son is the tale of young Ethan Stanwood, who lives an uneventful and quiet life in a Victorian London that might have been. His father is a brilliant and reclusive scientist and inventor who flees one Monday morning, leaving Ethan to figure out the puzzle of where he might have gone. When the danger his father’s former mentor is brought straight to him, Ethan discovers that, though he thought he knew everything about his father, he could not be more wrong!

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About the Book

A paranormal Steampunk series set in a Victorian London that could have been…
The Inventor’s Son is the story of young Ethan Stanwood, whose father is a brilliant, but reclusive, inventor and scientist. Sickly and isolated, Ethan’s entire world revolves around his father and his work. He believes that this is all life has to offer him, in spite of the latent magical talents he’d inherited from his long-dead mother that are beginning to surface.

When his father flees London one Monday morning, Ethan’s quiet life is swiftly turned into a fight for his survival. His father tasks Ethan with bringing his most important prototype that he was forced to leave behind when he departed. Unfortunately, he has only left the vaguest of clues for Ethan to follow in order to find him. Ethan has to find his father, but he must also face his father’s foes who will stop at nothing to get Ethan and the prototype.

Ethan thinks he knows everything there is to know about his father. He is about to find out how very wrong he is!

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