The Explorer’s Son
$15.99eBook: $4.99
Series: The Inventor's Son, Book 3
Genre: Steampunk
Publication Year: 2015
Length: Novel
ISBN: 2940152239140

The Explorer’s Son is the pivotal volume of the series, where Ethan’s burgeoning magical powers place him in a situation he’d never dreamed he’d be, fighting an adversary like no other he’d ever encountered. By the end of the struggle, the line between victor and vanquished is a very blurred one, and it is up to Ethan to navigate under the circumstances he now faces.

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About the Book

Ethan Stanwood has survived yet another series of horrible calamities, but his fortitude may finally run out…
Aloysius Hardwick has plans for Ethan that could very well destroy any possibility of him finding his father at long last, at a time when it is most vital that he be reunited with him.
The ranks of fully accomplished dark witches have dwindled to a perilously low number. And Hardwick is more motivated than ever to bring Ethan into the fold and transform him from the heir to the Order of the Crystal Star into a Septimo, a witch capable of killing another with magic.
Ethan’s determination and strength are tested further than they have ever been. While his troubles are mounting, his beloved city of London is quickly becoming a hotbed of danger and rebellion. He only thinks that he is removed from the chaos, until, in an act of terror, the turmoil is brought straight to Ethan and his stalwart companions.
Filled with magic, gadgets, dirigible airships, adventure, mystery and intrigue, The Explorer’s Son will pivot the entire series into a new direction and set the first stages of the final battle between the forces of change and the foes of the new order that is sweeping the world in its blaze…

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