The Inventor’s Son: The Beginning
Series: The Inventor's Son, Book 0
Genre: Steampunk
Publication Year: 2014
Length: Novella

The prequel novella, where it all begins...
Within these chapters, you will meet all of the initial principal characters and you will discover the events that lead to the act of desperation that sets Ethan’s world into chaos.

About the Book

It begins with a meeting… where a promising new technology for amputees and soldiers is demonstrated. But soon, the truth is discovered: the mastermind who created such miraculous prosthetic limbs is not interested in a business deal. He only wants to ruin the family of his former student, Marcus Stanwood.
Marcus knows firsthand of his former mentor’s cruelty and sets a desperate plan in motion. The fate of his son Ethan hinges on his success or failure in this introduction to a Historical Fantasy series set in a Victorian London that could have been.

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