A Quick Note About My Paperbacks!

A really quick reminder that you can buy paperback versions of The Inventor’s Son, The Scientist’s Son, and The Explorer’s Son from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

You used to be able to buy them directly from CreateSpace. Since Amazon absorbed them into Kindle Direct Publishing, they no longer sell books through CreateSpace. Therefore, I‘ve removed the links for direct purchase through CreateSpace in MyBookTable.

Much like my discontinuation of Google+ usage, this change is bound to affect very few readers. Probably more important in the minds of would-be-paperback readers is when a paperback version of The Traitor’s Son will be available. I had worked very hard to bring the paperbacks of the first three books to life. With Amazon’s acquisition of CreateSpace, I am hoping there is an opportunity to create a paperback version more easily than in the past. Slowly but surely I am getting to these tasks. As I always advise, stay tuned!

Posted by SB James

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