A Quick Note About My New Tumblr!

A quick note about a move I made earlier today: I started a new blog on Tumblr! I decided to use Tumblr to do my Steampunk themed blog, however, I may decide to reblog either here and/or at the Goodreads blog if I decide the post is worth doing that full-blown treatment.
This does not mean that I won’t have my own website, it just means that I believe, in my ongoing efforts to seek out an organic audience for my books, Tumblr and Wattpad have the potential for finding those people.
I will still be blogging here about the same topics I’ve really been blogging about in this past year. Many of my readers here are fellow authors, and I think the focus of this blog is really going to be more about the writing life and process than the Tumblr blog is.

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3 thoughts on “A Quick Note About My New Tumblr!

  1. D.R.Sylvester

    Hmmmms, I should really investigate this Tumblr thing, I keep seeing it around…
    There’s just so much social media for a guy to be ignorant of *collapses*


    1. sbjamestheauthor

      I know, right? I think I’m streamlining my social media a bit, in order to reach my target audience a bit more. Less time on Facebook, and no LinkedIn, more time on Wattpad and Tumblr…


      1. D.R.Sylvester

        Wattpad? There’s another one I don’t know about?! *buries head in sand*


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